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your every step is an investment to your future

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-05

Corporate world is a game field where you have to play really smart. Your every step is actually an investment to your future. Thus, you have to be careful as youíll reap tomorrow what seeds you sow today. Attitude matters! Itís one of the key factors which can make or break your career because people skills cover half of the success factors. Having a pleasant work attitude, willingness to learn and maintaining the smile attributes a welcoming personality and it welcomes success along with responsibility. Time Management and productivity are the costs of success. By failing to deliver on time, you can put your career at stake. Meeting deadlines and projects completion determine your professionalism and chalks a pathway to your future. By making a habit of completing tasks before hand and keeping a to-do list can lead to success and effectiveness. Handling pressures of the work and peers can be yet another milestone to gauge a personís career success. One must be efficient enough to take pressure professionally and let not others be burdened with unnecessary work pressures in team setting. Professional Monopoly! Nobody is an ultimate resource at work. You too can be substituted. Considering oneself matchless is the height of being naÔve. Hardworking and skillful people are hard to find, yet not impossible. So one should never consider oneself as the ultimate resource, build a career niche and strive to be ones best self. Team Spirits is a thing one can never go without. In todayís corporate world, the time to work solo is a story of past. Mingle with peers, learn, show discipline and refrain from blame games. Maintaining office discipline and working as a professional who is looked up as an icon of success can do wonders for oneís career success. Being a person of rules at work can lead to enhanced chances of promotion and success. Take small yet effective steps towards development and success will not be a thing of tomorrow.

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