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World's most Expensive Cigarettes

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-08-26

This article and article writer has no intention to encourage people on smoking. Smoking kills and definitely a destructive habit or addiction and should be avoided by all means. Cigarettes are the most sold products in the world. Just in America almost 50 million people are addicted to cigarettes. They come in various forms, flavors and prices. Let's have a look at the most expensive cigarettes sold out there:-


  1. Marlboro

Marlboro is a common brand all over the world. This brand is launched in 1924 and they were first introduced to the world for only women but now they are popular for men cigarettes. They offer different flavors and it costs $1.25 per packet which has 10 cigarettes in it.


  1. Camel

It's an American brand and it was introduced in the world in 1913. It contains different flavors. Camel has mixture of Turkish tobacco and Virginian taste to make them unique. One packet of camel cigarettes will cost $1.35.


  1. Parliament

It was launched in 1931 and was marketed by Phillip Morris. They are famous for their light smell and unique taste, which makes this brand demanding to the world now and it costs $1.35.


  1. Davidoff

It is a Swiss brand and it�s owned by The Imperial Tobacco Company. It costs $1.40 and the brand is considered as a luxurious brand in the world.


  1. Dunhill

This brand offers different flavors and was introduced by John and Hunter Thompson. It contains different level of nicotine and tar and it is the most demanding and luxurious cigarettes in the world as well. It will cost $1.40 for a packet.


  1. Lucky Strike

Introduced in 1871 Lucky Strike is an American brand and in 1905 this brand was purchased by the famous American Tobacco Company. This brand is famous for its roasted tobacco element. It costs $1.40 for a full packet of 10 cigarettes.


  1. Pall Mall

Found in 1899, this brand is considered as the first premium cigarette in the globe. Their taste is unique, smooth and long lasting. They also offer different colors like orange, black, red, white and green. It costs $1.45.


  1. Benson & Hedges

It is a well-known and famous English brand and it�s also famous for its pure Virginian tobacco flavor. It has different flavors and colors like, silver, gold and white as well. It costs you $1.50 and considered as one of the most expensive cigarettes in the globe.


  1. Gold Flake

It is a noted Indian brand in the world and it�s owned by ITC Limited Company. Gold Flake has different flavors as they use honey drops and yellow tobacco. The price of this cigarette is $1.50.


  1. Insignia

This brand is introduced in 2003 and owned by ITC Limited of India. This is a prominent cigarettes brand in the world and their packing is also attractive. This brand is very popular and demanding. It costs $1.60 and as considered as the most expensive brand in the world.

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