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wood shake roof

Posted: 2015-05-29

IF you are looking to build a roof with a great physical appearance and style, then the wood shingle roof is one of the best choices. The normal beauty of the wood shingles and shakes is best emphasized when the actual wood for the roof is cut from either the Western or the Eastern Red Cedar or pine. However, there are many other options as well, with trees manufactured from redwood, Cyprus and oak, which always prove the uniqueness and performance. The shingled roofs are smoothly finished, making their appearance stand as a design produced from chunks of wood. Such roofs usually come in distinct sizes, and the sizes that are most in common are 16, 18 and 24 inches in length. Need shingled roof repair in Malvern? The shakes are thicker and although they are cut from chunks of wood, they are mostly split by machine or hand, sizing them accordingly to the sizes mentioned before. There are two distinct weight possibilities, however, that you may select: the medium and the heavy wood roof shakes. Also, there are a number of roof styles to choose from when speaking about wood shakes, including the hand-split , hand-split and cut and the taper split option. The hand-split always has a smooth bottom, while the others usually differ from case to case. All in all, these wood shakes are most used and recognized throughout the world. The timeframe of usage of the hand-split roof shakes is always longer than the machine-split ones. It is because of the wood fibers that tend to be cut by the machine, making the roof rot in most cases. A normal lifespan of such shingles is 15 to 25 years. The threat of fire is one of the major issues when talking about wood shake and shingle roofs. In order to evade such threat, many companies today offer pressure-handling using a fire-retardant chemical. The only way to get a class A fire rating, however, is to apply such retardant treated shingles above at back of the specific gypsum and sheathing. When this case is untreated, the wood shingle roofs will eventually burn like kindling if in any case fire occurs. As a conclusion, wood shingled roofs are a fancy and modern way to give a unique touch to your house. Coming in many shapes and patterns, wood shingle as a material is most generally used as an exterior wall of a home, although they are more and more incorporated into the roof layout. Call NoBullRoofing.com today at (484)-254-4036 for a free wood shingle roof estimate. Author Bio: Mike Kerr is the Founder / CEO of "no bull roofing" who is proudly serving the Tri County Area (Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties). His mission is to help people with Installation, Maintenance & roof Repair in Malvern,Devon, Berwyn. For roofing done with integrity every step of the way, contact today!

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