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wonderful lakes around the world

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-02

Everyone loves to travel. For some it is fun and for others, it is part of the business. We feel relaxed and distressed. To explore the nature and visit lakes, islands, mountains, etc. are the best part in traveling. Here, I would like to discuss some beautiful and unique lakes of the world. We must visit these lakes and explore the nature. Pink Lake: In Western Australia, Pink Lake is situated. It is beautiful and has attracting pink color. Pink color of the lake is because of bacteria; which cause water to turn into pink color. The Pink Lake has the high content of salt. The pink color of the lake does not remain pink, but changes with the change of temperature, the amount of salt and due to the other environmental factors. Jellyfish Lake: Jellyfish lake is a small aquatic lake. Its length is 460 meters and width is 160 meters. It is 30 meters deep. It gives shelter to tons of jellyfishes. Towards the Lake; Tourists are very much attracted. Frying Pan Lake: The world’s largest hot lake is Waimangu Cauldron and commonly known as Frying Pan Lake. Its depth is 20 meters and width is 200 meters. Its temperature is 50-60°C. The Dead Sea: It is the lowermost point on earth. It is 1,360 feet below sea level. It has the high content of salt sea so, known as Dead Sea; no creature can live in it. Lake Don Juan: Lake Don Juan is the saltiest, and the salt content is very high. . Its length is 300 meters and width is 100 meters. Its depth is 10-30 cm. Crater Lake: The world’s 9th deepest lake is known as Crater Lake, and it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It is 594 meters deep. The lake has clearest water. Spotted Lake: Spotted Lake is saline and alkaline lake. During summers, water is evaporated and causes to form small pools. We can walk between them so, named as Spotted Lake. Lake Nackara: Lake Nackara is the beautiful world and attracts many flamingos along with other beautiful birds. It is beautiful because of the large amount of algae present in the lake. While planning, to visit lakes, keep one thing in mind how active you are to visit these beautiful lakes.

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