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windows 7 sync offline files mannually

Posted: 2015-01-06

Windows Offline files is an option that will allow you to work files on a network server while you are away from the network. Any changes you make to the files will sync back to the network location after you connect back to the network. You can enable or disable this feature on any windows computer, especially you would want disable it on any general purpose computers that is shared with multiple users. Sync process is automated and does not require you to do anything but you can force to sync anytime manually. This instruction will show you, how to manually force the computer to sync offline files: 1) Open Control Panel by going to Start -> Control panel. 2) Double click Sync Center. You can also get to this same location by typing mobsync in the command prompt. 3) Right click Offline Files 4) Click Sync Offline Files 5) Watch the progress bar until the sync completes - see the picture bellow

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