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Windows 10 Tablet Mode, enable or disable

Posted: 2020-05-19

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Tablet mode is a new Windows 10 feature that is suitable with touch screen monitors specially tablets. The tablet mode extends the apps on your start menu to your full screen for you to tab the icons on your screen interactively and internal keyboard appears when you tab the search box or any input text field and physical keyboard is not present. Tablet mode also spaces out the icons on your screen for touch sensitivity and taskbar icons will disappear by default (can be changed to show in the settings).

Enable Tablet mode in the Action Center
You can quickly enable or disable Tablet mode using the Action Center.
1. Click the Action Center icon bottom right corner of your screen (Square icon)
2. Click the Tablet Mode icon to enable or disable when enabled

Enable Tablet mode in the Settings
1. Click Start and then click Settings
2. Click System
3. From the left panel, click Tablet Mode
4. You have three options, to use tablet mode when sign-in, to let your hardware decide when to use tablet mode, or use desktop mode when sign-in. Choose Tablet Mode, if you want use it on computer sign-in.
5. You can show the icons on the taskbar when on tablet mode by turning off the Hide app icons on the taskbar when on tablet mode

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