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Windows 10 sharing files, photos, and videos with Device Nearby

Posted: 2020-05-25

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Nearby sharing is Windows 10 feature that lets you share documents, photos, videos or links to a websites or nearby devices by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. It’s handy feature to share a file with someone near by without going the trouble of copying a file from one device to another. It's very similar to Apple's air drop if you have used that feature before. The receiving device must have nearby sharing enabled in order to be discovered.

Enable Nearby sharing on your Windows device

1) Click Start and then click Settings

2) Click System

3) On the left panel of system window, click Sharing Experiences

4) Turn the Share content with nearby devices by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on by moving the bar to full or to the right.

5) Choose Everyone nearby to be discovered by all devices or choose My Devices to be discovered connected to your Microsoft account.

Note: Nearby sharing is also available in the Windows Action center to quickly turn it on or off.

Share file, photo, video or app with nearby device

1. Go to the folder containing the file, photo, or video to share

2. Select the file and click Share in the file explorer menu

3. Select the device nearby to share the file with

4. The device will get a notification to accept the file and have the option to save the file to the specific location or let it save it at the default location (normally in the downloads folder)

See how to share a link using nearby sharing here:
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