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windows 10 recovery options

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-07

Windows 10 is the trending windows nowadays. There are many advantages in upgrading your windows to 10. Besides the upgrades in the interface, it has many features that are helpful and beneficial for the users. Moreover, the data recovery options in windows 10 are very advantageous for the users. In case of any accidental loss of data Windows, 10 allows you to recover your data through different backup tools. Backup tools In Windows 8.1 the backup tool was removed but it is restored in windows 10. There are many ways in windows 10 to restore and backup your data. The backup tool of windows 10 allows the user to restore any images, wipe the computer system to the default state, it can also store files online. Online files are stored by making online recovery drives. These drives are used in case of emergencies. Making File History The most popular way of securing and recovering your data is by making file history. For the first time file history was introduced in windows 8.1, being a great option for the recovery of data it is restored in windows 10 too. File history is the easiest way to secure your data. In the file history, you just have to name an online drive where the data will be stored and include the files to be stored in it. By creating this file history, the data is then automatically is stored in the drive. Resetting Windows 10 In Windows 10 the reset option for windows is much favourable. Rather than making a file history and storing the files online, you can reset your computer system to its original operating state. Resetting your windows will also relief you from reinstalling the windows again and again. As there is a “refresh option” for the computer system, similarly in windows 10 there is a “reset option” too.

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