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Windows 10 Focus Assist

Abdirahman Isse
Abdirahman Isse
Posted: 2020-06-07

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How to enable Windows 10 Focus Assist to turn notifications or customize notification on certain conditions

Windows 10 Focus Assist helps you focus by blocking distractions from your computer applications such as notifications, sounds, and alerts. Previously called quite hours, focus assist is created to assist you to focus on your task without any distractions from the computer. By using this option, you can disable all notifications, disable certain notifications, or choose when to receive notifications or alerts from your computer.

How to quickly enable Focus Assist?
1. Click the Action Center icon at the bottom right of your screen
2. Expand the icons if collapsed
3. Click the Focus Assist with the moon icon to turn on focus assist. It should be highlighted when it's on.
4. This will enable Focus Assist if it was disabled and vise versa

How to custom-enable Focus Assist?
5. Click the Action Center icon
6. Expand the icons if collapsed
7. Right click Focus Assist icon and click Go To Settings
8. Choose what notifications to receive when Focus Assist is on.
There are many options to customize the notifications to receive when the Focus Assist is on.
a) Off will turn all notifications off.
b) Priority Only will show notifications from VoIP calls, text messages from linked phones, and reminders.
c) Alarms only will only display alarms and hide all other notification
You can also customize when to turn off notifications under the Automatic Rules. You can restrict duration time range when duplicating screen when playing games, when App is on full-screen mode, or when you are at home.

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