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Windows 10 Clipboard

Posted: 2020-06-16

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Enable Windows 10 Clipboard history and sync across devices

Windows 10 Clipboard is made to copy and paste content from one application, one page, one cell, or one device to another. This feature is a bit advanced on Windows 10 than the previous operating systems with added features such as holding multiple items on the clipboard and syncing clipboard items between multiple devices.

You can copy multiple items on the clipboard by pressing Windows Key plus V. You can also sync the Clipboard across your devices on your Microsoft account.

Enable clipboard history or Sync across devices
1. Click Start then click Settings

2. Click System

3. On the left panel, scroll down and click on Clipboard

4. Turn on the Clipboard history by moving the bar to the right (fill the blue). If this is on, anything you copy using Window Key + V will be stored on the Clipboard up to 24 items or 4mb

5. Turn on the Synce Across devices to carry the clipboard items across your devices.

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