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why should we upgrade to windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-12-31

Since Windows 10 has arrived, we can begin saying farewell to Windows 8. It's been an uneven ride for Windows, yet with the new working framework; it appears that everything is going to change. Windows 10 is the following form that emphasis on commonality and making the old good and new again while likewise enhancing being a portable OS. The new form brings an innumerable number of elements and upgrades that are prone to draw in a greater number of clients than Windows 7 and Windows XP. The reasons go past what's new but since it's absolutely free as well. Today, Windows 10 has more than fifty million people installing it in only three weeks, which speaks to about 5% of the business sector. This figure implies that individuals are receiving the new OS quicker than the past one. All things considered, in the event that you upgraded to Windows 10 or if you want to upgrade, today we want to share 10 reasons that make Windows 10 a wonderful OS. Windows 10 is easier to use on tablet and PC computers While we ponder upon other main features of the latest Windows, we might look into the simplicity that the developers have placed in Windows 10. Owing to the fact that this new operating system is, equipped with loads of different features and new ideas so Windows users were not expecting that much simplicity. Windows 10 is exceptionally easy and very simple to use as all the features both old and new ones are readily usable and most importantly simple. The previous versions of windows have been creating problems lately, yet this version is essentially different. For the ease of the users Windows 10 is pretty much automated. It comprehends the needs of the user and allows a perfectly suitable and easy user interface to deal with. New Features of Windows 10 The introduction of this new OS in the market has urged a lot of users from other operating systems to shift to Windows 10. Listed below are some of the new features that are amazingly awesome and unique to windows 10.

Multiple Virtual Desktops

For an extensive period of time, a bit of the more propelled Mac customers have evaluated the ability to switch among a couple of virtual desktops much supportive. Windows 10 finally passes on the ability to Microsoft's desktop working system. In Windows 10, the component is extremely easy to use; you simply need to tap the desktop changing image on the taskbar.

Snap Assist Tool

In the event that you got a kick out of the chance to snap numerous applications to the either side of your screen in Windows 7, you'll adore Snap Assist in Windows 10. The enhanced element now permits you to gobble up to four applications in your screen. When you snap an application, Snap Assist will show related applications you might need to snap next. An exceptionally convenient apparatus.

A simple yet advanced browser, Microsoft Edge

In the blink of an eye, IE has been dumped by Windows 10 as they have presented a radical new program, Microsoft Edge. People have examined through the program discovering it, to a great degree, basic and simple to utilize. While it's still genuinely basic, it has an intriguing part that joins a reader mode. It permits you to peruse and alter content on the screen. With little changes, Microsoft Edge can be one of the best programs presented ever.

Your own Personal assistant, Cortana

One of the essential motivations behind why individuals ought to upgrade their machines to Windows 10 is that it is incorporated with Cortana. Cortana is just an amazingly wonderful component as it listens to each voice order and reacts as it needs to be. In the event that you have been utilizing Siri, Google Now or Xbox One, you will be well known that it is so natural to work with innovation without utilizing your hands. It can coordinate with your program and all the Microsoft items and administrations.

Smart Storage Administration

In Windows 10, Microsoft is making numerous upgrades with respect to capacity and storage. For one thing, the new form has a much littler foot shaped impression for establishment. In case you're making a clean introduce, you'll see that Windows 10 takes significantly less space, frequently under 10 GB or so. Through the Settings application on System > Storage, clients and users can without much of a stretch deal with their storage room, and move default spared areas to an outer hard drive. You can even tap on each hard drive to view what's consuming up room in your OS. An extremely valuable data and simple to use for fledglings.

Returning Start Menu

The faultfinders in the entire circle about the Start screen in Windows 8 encouraged the designers at Microsoft to reintroduce the most adored Start menu. With live tiles and look bar of Cortana, Start menu has never been simpler to utilize.

Interesting Action Centre

Windows 10, like Apple's OS X, incorporates another Action Centre that makes notices a radical new ordeal. You can get to Action Centre by utilizing the symbol on the bottom right of the task bar, or swipe from the right side. Activity Centre offers two capacities: it composes every one of your notifications from applications, including Calendar and Mail, and also the notification about the operating system. It likewise permits you to get to the "Quick Action" bar to control different framework settings with just a click. Windows 10 is fast The foremost reason to upgrade your system to windows 10 is the quicker speed that you will encounter utilizing your PC framework. You can skim through the web and circumvent your PC with blasting velocity and exactness. Itís the speed that has made windows 10 a whole new experience to use. The Microsoft geniuses back there have been working hard to increase the accuracy and speed of the operating system. While the new OS is still in its initial days, it is great. Windows 10 incorporates a modest bunch of visual and functional enhancements, some new applications, and Internet Explorer is at last leaving. Yes, the OS isn't finished, yet with Windows as a Service, you can expect new components and patches to take off speedier than some time recently. Window 10 is a combination of Windows 7 functionality and Windows 8 platform Windows 10 is user friendly operating system and is meant for both users, i.e. Windows 7 and Windows 8. With the platform of Ď8í, Windows 10 essentially has the similar features that windows 8 had. So itís not difficult or hard to use as Windows 8 or 8.1 was, right after Windows 7. Furthermore, Windows 10 is incorporated with Windows 7 functionality. Like there are many features that are similar to Windows 7 and much easy to use. So it makes Windows 10 much similar to both Windows and the users can, without much of a stretch, understand and work with this OS. The last version of Windows was thought as the best platform ever introduced by Microsoft, but some features and its complexity made it quite difficult for the users of Windows 7 to keep up. Windows 7, on the other hand, was much easy and simple. Users seemed to have liked Windows 7 for its simplicity, yet the design and the interface was much like XP and Vista. Windows 10 have eased the way of all the users with a hybrid composition. Itís easy to use Windows Universal Apps Itís very easy to use universal apps on Windows 10 as there is a Windows app store available, equipped with various apps. Though the apps are not enough yet, but Microsoft team is making sure that users make new apps every day. Everyday there is introduction of new apps and games and Microsoft has done quite a lot to improve this sector but it is not up to the mark right now. Yet we can still wait and see as the procedure ought to take a few more months to develop. With the new feature of Windows apps, all applications can now meander around the desktops instead of the full screen only mode. So you can minimize and adjust the screen size according to your needs and requirements. Windows 10 secure boot functionality The most important feature introduced by Microsoft geeks is secure boot function. The previous versions lack this feature. While booting, the system Windows automatically checked the software and apps that are properly signed or not. In any case a software or app is signed by Microsoft or by the machines manufacturer than it will allow the program to go through the boot process. This actually stops malwares to develop. In windows 10 this feature can be readily turned on or off right according to the userís needs. Windows 10 is free The catchiest offer made by Microsoft is that Windows 10 is totally free for the previous users. It's totally and amazingly free for the lifetime of your PC. How can Microsoft inspire you to redesign rapidly? Itís simple, by making it free. The new working framework is being offered as a free redesign for PCs running a certified form of Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1. So in case you are a genuine Windows user, no one can stop you from getting this new OS on your device. To be very honest Windows 10 installs directly just like a normal update. No headaches of losing your data or files. Even the apps remain as they were before. Windows 10 compatibility features from previous Windows Generally, another variant of an OS changes existing elements and includes new ones, however now and again the progressions imply that old elements aren't accessible any more. The full-screen Start screen of Windows 8.1 isn't the main loss Ė and you can make the new Start menu greater, despite the fact that you can't bring back the full-screen list of introduced applications, simply the enormous perspective of stuck tiles. Programming and equipment similarity is great with Windows 10; elderly applications ought to still work. Of course, you're going to require new forms of security and hostile to virus programming, and malware software. Easy upgrade from Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 7 Windows 10 essentially requires almost the same systems as Windows 8 or 8.1. But the upgrading procedure is so simple and easy that you can upgrade to 10 in a blink of an eye. Itís more or less like an upgrade that usually happens all the time in Windows 8. You just have to download windows 10 setup file and that is the major time consuming procedure. Once the file has been downloaded you can easily install the windows like any regular update. Itís that easy and simple. All your data, files and even the settings remain essentially the same as they were before the update. This easiness has allowed a number of users to upgrade to windows 10 without a hitch. What about if you running Windows XP? Microsoft is as of now offering the OS for nothing temporarily to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 clients. While this is incredible news for a dominant part of Windows users, those users who are clutching a Windows XP machine may be feeling abandoned. All isn't lost, on the other hand, and there are still upgrade alternatives accessible. You will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 if you are an XP user. What about if you running Windows Vista Same goes for the Vista users that Windows 10 is still not available free to you. You will have to buy that version. Please make sure that your Pc is compatible with Windows 10. There are cheaper and discounted versions of this Windows available. You wonít be able to update the Windows 10 version freely. You might need to have a clean disk install in order to run Windows 10.

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