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why are dampers so important

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-20

The use of springs to permit vertical movement of the wheels relative to the chassis on rough roads goes back to the horse- drawn vehicles. This method of improving the ride was adopted early in the history of the automobile. The damper was later introduced between the sprung and the unsprung masses to suppress oscillation and control the motion of the sprung mass due to longitudinal and lateral acceleration. There are many companies who are in the business of dampers and shockers. And many have been working on them since the nineteenth century. A large number of improvements and design variations in the direct-acting dampers have occurred since their introduction. These include extensive seal development, additional valving to enable control at various levels of piston velocity, adjustable orifice sizes and blow-off valve springs, and the addition of gas pressure to accommodate the displaced volume of the piston rod and oil aeration. Bump and rebound control are generally different and various schemes have been provided for their adjustment either statically or on the road. Stroke sensitive, as well as velocity sensitive valving, can also be provided. The damper can also be used for load leveling (trim). Dramatic advances in the application control to the dampers have taken place as a result of intense competition to improve the ride quality of the passenger bikes. One incentive is the desire to approach active bikes ride with simpler and more cost-effective systems of the adaptive and semi-active types. Many of these above-mentioned damper developments have been utilized in the racing bikes as well. A company named Bilstein has been developing dampers for Moto GP bikes for years. However, the dampers which are used in the passenger bikes are competent enough to provide a shock proof ride. Hence, dampers are really important for a comfortable ride and you should get yours today.

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