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whom would you like to contact a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon

Posted: 2015-09-21

Well, there is utter confusion between the two when people want to fix an appointment for correcting the appearance. Often they are not clear whether they should go for a Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery? Moreover, a lot of confusion is further added by the friends, relatives and the Internet. The terms are used so interchangeably that many people feel that there is no difference between the two. However, in reality they are two different people with a different specialization. Letís understand it further. A cosmetic surgeon works on the aesthetics which means appearance. He or she enhances the beauty by making certain corrections in the body parts making them proportional. He reshapes or removes deformity of the tissues and makes the body part attractive. A cosmetic surgery is always with an intention of looking gorgeous. A plastic surgeon predominantly works on the regeneration or reconstruction of the body parts that are abnormal. The abnormality may be due to accidents, trauma or by birth. Though aesthetic improvement is an additional benefit of plastic surgery, it is not the fundamental objective. One must remember that Reconstructive surgery may be covered by insurance companies. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. Ask before deciding for Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery It is always better meeting an expert before undergoing the procedure. He will look into the case and give the right advice. He can identify whether your problem comes under the scope of cosmetic surgery, or it needs a complex reconstruction procedure. A plastic surgeon has to undergo the specialization of reconstructive surgery. On the other hand, a cosmetic surgeon may have a degree of any of the branch and short-term courses on cosmetic procedures. Both are costly treatments Whether you go for Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery, both are quite expensive. Since the treatment takes a long time, and the procedures need extreme precision, you need to spend considerable money for it. However, the results are highly effective if the doctor is experienced and expert. Summary Though cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) appear similar, they are vastly different. Cosmetic surgery works on enhancing the appearance whereas plastic surgery reconstructs body parts using bodily tissues. One is purely aesthetic procedure whereas the other may or may not have the objective of personality enhancement. Always look for the feedback and reviews of people who have undergone treatment before finalizing the doctor.

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