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when can baby sleep with blanket

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-16

Do you know under what circumstances does Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occur? There are many factors that increase the chances for occurrence of SIDS. Some of the factors include placing infants under comforters, blankets and pillows. And so the question here is, when can baby sleep with blanket? As a responsible mother, you need to understand at what age your baby can comfortably sleep under the blanket so as to reduce the risks of suffocation. The American Academy of Pediatrics has always been at the front line in educating mothers on how to tell when your baby is ready to sleep with blanket. When can baby sleep with blanket according to experts? A number of experts and medical doctors have argued on a number of factors you need to consider in before you start placing your baby under the blanket. They include: Age: Doctors have maintained that a baby can safely sleep with blanket when it is 12 months old and above. At this age, there are reduced risks of occurrence of SIDS and suffocation. When a baby is 12 months old and above, it has the ability to move the blankets away from its face. Little babies below 10 months do have the ability to roll over the blankets or comforters from their face while sleeping. This can lead to suffocation of the babies to death. The question of when can baby sleep with blanket has raised mixed reactions from many doctors especially about the age. Consulting your pediatrician: Consulting your pediatrician is a factor that a caring mother should do before covering her baby with blankets. The pediatrician will carry out a medical examination of your baby and fro their findings, they will be able to advise you on the appropriate time of resting your baby under the blanket. Consulting a pediatrician also gives you confidence and reduces your worries of suffocation. Loving mothers are always worried when they cover their babies with blankets. From this article you should be able to answer the question of when can baby sleep with blanket.

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