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what you need to know to design and develop websites

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

To be a web designer or web developer you must have to know the following languages. 1. HTML: HTML standard for hypertext markup language is the predominant markup language to create web pages. You can make webpages or your own website by using HTML language. HTML is a very easy language to learn. It can be learned in few days. The extension of HTML is .html or .htm. The html language start with and end with . 2. CSS: CSS is the short form of Cascading Style Sheet is used for describe the look and style which is written by html. It defined how to html elements are to be displayed on web browser. CSS is provided elements such as the layout, colors and fonts to enable the separation of the document content. The extension of CSS is .css 3. PHP: PHP is a server side HTML embedded scripting language standard for PHP: Hypertext preprocessor design for web development and create dynamic web pages. PHP designed by Rasmus Lardrof in 1994. PHP is also used as a general-purpose programing language in web pages. 4. JavaScript: JavaScript is a dynamic web based programing language. JavaScript is integrated with browser & this integration enables the programmer to add dynamic interaction to the text, picture and information on the web page. It is case sensitive language. HTML codes are not a programming language but using JavaScript is a web based programing language with a very simple way because JavaScript is very simple and easy to understand. 5. MySQL Database: MySQL is open source relational database management system. It is a computer language use to create, retrieve update and delete data from RDBMS. 6. SEO: SEO standard for Search Engine Optimization is a technique to increase traffics on your website. This is the short introduction on which will be needed for web design and development.

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