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what to do after ramadan

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-30

Ramadan is the ninth month of Muslim calendar. God bestowed upon His Quran on the holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) , on the twenty-seventh night of the holy month Ramadan. This night is also referred as night of Destiny or Laila-Tul-Qadar. In Islamic religion this month is full of blessings, prosperity and benediction. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, in the month of Ramadan. While fasting during the whole day, Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything. It is actually a time of practicing one’s soul by worshiping and practicing Allah’s commands for the whole one month. This is the time to strengthen one’s soul in the fullest sense of obeying Allah’s orders. As it is a famous saying: “The one who pass’ his whole life as the month of Ramadan, the day of judgment will definitely be like the Eid day for him” It is a usual practice among all the Muslims that they (Muslims) used to spend the whole month of Ramadan, praying Alllah’s obligations. Muslims used to be kind and humane during the whole month and practice good deal. They (Muslims) offer prayers five times a day in a regular manner. Muslims should not remain in touch with Allah just in Ramadan but should do practice that all, with the same alacrity as they used to do in Ramadan. But just after the month passed, Muslims start disobeying Allah’s commands. Muslims should not forget about the teachings of their Allah and the holy prophet even after the month of Ramadan. It is a mere thinking of all the Muslims that one of the negative force usually named as Shaitan is kept aside by Allah during the whole month, that’s why Muslims are able to do a bunch of good deeds. But it is somewhat a wrong reflection, it is only our own soul who says, either we should do good or bad. So even after Ramadan, Muslims should keep on doing benevolent tasks, by having in mind that Allah is present everywhere around us, no matter what month may be.

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