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What is wordpress

Posted: 2016-06-16

Wordpress is what is called a CMS (content management system) software that is used for building websites. In simple language, Wordpress is the most fantastic pack of pre-coded file set through which even a non tech person can build his/her own website. With Wordpress you get an admin panel through which you can create, edit or delete your website pages and contents as per your liking from the background. And the best part is that it is completely Free to use. Even you can modify their code as you like what is called open source in tech language. Wordpress opens up a huge amount of possibilities both for the developers and ordinary non tech armatures when it comes to developing a website. To develop a dynamic website manually where you can create, edit or delete whatever you want from the backpanel, a developer has to do thousands of lines of complex coding for the site to work as per clients liking. That is a job which non-tech people will never have idea how tough and critical it is to do this. If your code is not written well the site will have several flaws and issues that is not easy at all to figure out and solve. In that case your website will have several problems running, fetching data’s from database or in simple words, it can crash. So even if you hire a professional developer or development team to manually code your website, you have to call for their help so often and pay decent amounts every time you do so. Wordpress doesn’t ask a dime from you and they provide you a neatly coded (PHP Language) system ready to be integrated with your server and database. And they are always working to fix all bugs and improving their system that you can update anytime and fix all your issues within couple of minutes. Installing Wordpress can be done just by the click of your mouse. Web servers now give you the option to install it by just a couple of clicks. If you want to install manually, that is also as easy as installing any other simple software. Billions of people are using Wordpress to build their website. The reasons are obvious as because Wordpress comes with thousands of themes, plugins, and widgets creating a vast scope for you to design your website in whatever or just the way you like.

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