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what is rip routing information protocol and how to configure rip in windows server 2003 network

Posted: 2009-03-07

RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is distance vector routing protocol that dynamically send updates to interlinked networks. The updates are reflected on the routing table so each network is aware of other network through the routing table. You can specify how often you want update the routing table. RIP reduces administrative overhead of manually routing and updating network routes (routing table) for small and mid-sized organizations. RIP is available in two versions, RIP and its updated version RIPv2. Configuring RIP for Windows Server 2003 Network; 1. Login to the Routing and Remote Access Server (RRAS) as an Administrator. 2. Click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Routing & Remote Access. 3. Right-click the server and click on Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. 4. Expand server object tree, expand IP Routing tree, right click General and click New Routing Protocol. 5. Select “RIP Version 2 for Internet Protocol” and click Ok. 6. Right click RIP and click New Interface to create a new interface. 7. Select network interface and click Ok. Create a New Interface for each network interface that has neighboring network to link. 8. Choose protocol version, update intervals (how often), and security options, etc and click OK. 9. Repeat the same process for each routing server.

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