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What is bsod blue screen of death

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-02-23

If your computer suddenly shuts itself down showing a blue screen or when you are starting your computer it shows a blue screen of errors and restarts multiple times then you are facing BSOD. BSOD �means Blue screen of death and it haven�t got its name without purpose. What it does to your computer, completely justify its name. This is the most painful misery you can ever face with your computer. The most devastating thing about BSOD is it doesn�t have any particular reason or reasons that you can solve the problem easily.

Primary causes

As mentioned earlier it is really hard to find out the exact reason behind BSOD. Different computers have different reasons for showing BSOD. In BSOD a blue screen appears where it says a common line for all computers that is dumping physical memory. Some times it shows specific registry file name or sometimes just registry binary codes to tell you why it is dumping the memory. Don�t take it as granted that, because it is showing physical memory in the message screen so that�s a memory problem. It can happen because of three sectors commonly.

Some Trojans and malwares can harm your computer in a way that it causes BSOD. Your computer fails to load system files, operating system crashes and your computer restarts constantly showing BSOD. Scan for viruses with updated and paid anti virus software to detect these Trojan, malware viruses.

Backdated Driver software
BSOD can appear if your driver software�s are outdated and no longer supported. When your installed hardware�s driver software is back dated it fails to load and operate. You can update driver software�s by going to device manager and update driver or by updating windows or update them manually from manufacturer�s website.

Hardware failure
This is the most common and most probable issue if you are facing BSOD. Blue screen error appears mainly because of hardware failure. You can find out the reason by studying the error messages that appears in BSOD. But that�s not full proof either. But you can try checking memory diagnostics to check if there is any RAM issue or hard disk issue or graphics card issue.

To give some hope, in most cases BSOD appears for graphics card, RAM or hard disk problems. Rest is your repeated effort to find out or call for experts.

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