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Wezenlanden Park, Zwolle

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-08-22

Wezenlanden Park is Zwolles mystic garden, a pleasant place to experience the rhythm of daily life. It possesses a refined air, albeit occasionally tempered by the cacophony of Circus frolics or boombox tunes. Sequestered from the City by a glimmering fade of water; it is an Urban Donovan's Island.

The park forms a part of the Assendorp District. The area lies between the Grand Wezenland, the channel Zwolle-Almelo and the old Assendorper Dijk. This plush green edifice can be located in the heart of the historical district of Zwolle.


Until 1932 this was a fetid marshland completely exposed to a great inland sea. By 1950 the area was peppered with urban development. Between 2006 and 2011 the park was renovated, to include a flower garden, a new skating rink, and a new basketball court.

Things to Do

The park is acquainted for pleasant amusement, entertainment, jollity and merriment to people of all ages. Wezenlanden Park offers teeming halcyon delights to enthral people and that's what makes it enchanting.


The park boasts a number of activities, especially for children. There is a designated area for dogs and a large natural wooden playground, with a real adventure course, wobbly bridge, climbing tower, 2 slides, cable car and rocking swings. The playground for older children is separated by an embankment--designed primarily for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Within the park boundaries lies a petting zoo, hosting a variety of animals; that is sure to please your little angels.

Retreat to the knot of paths and take a leisurely stroll, or perhaps even enjoy a bike ride. Appreciate natures repose with a picnic; or take a moments rest at one of many park benches or tables.

Annual Festivals

The Netherlands is known as a country that knows how to live well. And the Dutch are true connoisseurs of culture. It�s no surprise that Wezenlanden Park hosts a number of festivals each year. There is a broad spectrum of exuberant offerings.

Revellers move in a rasp of serenity, no one collides with one another; like waves weaving together seamlessly: at the RTL Summer festival. This year saw 15,000 music lovers cram into the park to enjoy performances by Alain Clark, Miss Montreal, DJ Ruud Feltkamp and Ali B.

Since 2006 the Liberation Festival has been enjoyed in Wezenlanden Park. The Festival celebrates Liberation from Nazi occupation.� Almost the entire Park is utilised for the festival. There is one main stage and a further several stages elsewhere in the park. In 2009 the festival reached a record 160,000 visitors.

How to Get there

Central Station Zwolle is 10 walking minutes away from the park. The station has direct links with major regional railway stations as Amersfoort, Groningen, Deventer, Leeuwarden and in addition, running several bus services (urban / regional) through railway station Zwolle.

In the vicinity of the park area are several bus stops. The stops 1, 11 lead from Station NS to stop at the Provincial House Luttenbergstraat (and vice versa).

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