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virtual assistant cortana

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-10-29

Like Siri, a virtual voice-controlled software installed in the Apple devices, Microsoft Windows came up with the similar type of voice controlled virtual software called as Cortana. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant. It was first introduced in Windows 8.1 and is also available in Windows 10. It is also made available in Androids, Xbox on and iOS. It is termed as the key ingredient of Microsoft and is a lot better than Siri (in Apple devices). CVA (Cortana Virtual Assistant) is of great help for the users. Performance of Cortana Virtual Assistant The performance of Cortana is based on the amount of information a user shares with Cortana. More information shared with Cortana, better are the chances that Cortana will produce precise results. By granting access of personal information including your calendar, emails, contacts and your browser history, the virtual assistant, Cortana, is likely to anticipate the results according to the need of the user. According to a survey, it has been observed that the suggestions and answers get better when the CVA gets conversant with its user. There are many functions that the CVA can perform for you. And can make your work easier. Services of Cortana Cortana acts as a social media marketing assistant. It is very helpful in reading any kind of messages, sending messages by dictation and checking in any notifications on the social media sites. Cortana has a very strong built-in reminder element. Setting reminders for meetings, for alarms and places to go, Cortana is of supreme help and will remind you when the specific time approaches. You can effortlessly search on the web browsers by merely dictating Cortana what to search. Checking for current weather, getting information and finding facts or tracking any flights and packages, Cortana will act as your virtual assistant.

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