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Verkeerspark Assen

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-09-20

The Verkeerspark Assen is like a small city amid the Dutch city of Assen. While it is the traffic theme of the park that imparts the impression, the value-proposition of the applied aspects is interestingly high. The park has seen its popularity pass through the bubble maker�s pipe over the years as kids continue to ride jeeps, car, boats and even helicopters. Other attractions include the monorail and a junior cart track where kids can drive their own little vehicles.

Brief History

The man behind the foundation of the Verkeerspark Assen was Klaas Bos. A police detective by profession, Bos was highly impressed with the method in which German school children were familiarized with the then radically growing traffic in the city of Essen. Back then, cardboards and pinstripes were used to educate students in Essen. On his return to Axes, Bos pressed on the mayor of the city with his idea and building the Verkeerspark Assen set off. Most of the initial fund was collected through grants and donations. The park was located in the Forest of Assen from 1957 to 1988, when it was moved to its current location.

Interesting Things to See and Do

At the Verkeerspark Assen, there is a lot to explore. The Play Castle, Monorail, Lifelike Diesel Train, Jeeps, Control Tower, Boating Lagoon and Pedal Circuit all contribute to the making the traffic city of Assen the weekend delight that it is.

Here are a few snippets of the major attractions:

Junior Karting

The junior carting track inside the traffic city, imparts a real driving experience to kids. The training comes handy as the track emulates real roads circumstances. Children falling between ages 4 and 11 can participate. As you would expect in real road circumstances, the seat belt is mandatory.

Play Castle

Kids have a gala time driving around and trying to beat the Play Castle dragon. The event assumes larger and funnier proportions as kids climb up stairs, wriggle through bridges and smartly move along corridors. The Play Castle is covered, dry and is open to children up till 10 years of age.


The 5 meter high Monorail is where kids can fly helicopters take on muscle car challenges in the Verkeerspark Assen. The two seat cabins have adjustable chairs. All children below 8 years of age are allowed under supervision.

The Control Tower

All kids are watched over from the control tower. The controllers tell what children are doing right while driving and what they are getting wrong. If all goes well, a real Juvenile Drivers License is just around the corner.


Unfortunately, you cannot visit Verkeerspark Assen right now as they are closed for the 2014 season. However, the park has been subject to rapid modernization and there is plenty of excitement in store this fall. Stay tuned to get the latest timings and prices of the park.

How to Get There

The address for Verkeerspark Assen is De Haar 1, 9405 TE Assen, Netherlands. It is located at the conjoining point of A28 and N33 roads. You should reach here in less than an hour after leaving from Stadsbedrijvenpark on a bus. The Verkeerspark Assen is a two-hour car drive from Amsterdam. A bus would take you there in double the time.

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