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using windows l

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-18

Shortcuts are very useful I improving your efficiency. You can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard instead of using the mouse. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can do the easily, by consuming less time. Shortcut keys are a great help for the users who multitask. Multitasking is enhanced using keyboard shortcuts. For example, browsing on the internet is done easily using the designated shortcuts on the keyboard. You can navigate the web page and switch between different tabs by using the keyboard. Moreover, studies have shown that excessive mouse use can cause RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury). But using the mouse and keyboard side by side, will never cause such problems. The precision of the user also increases using the keyboard. For instance, you can lock your computer using the keyboard shortcut keys. Locking down computer system is very helpful because you cannot always shutdown the system. When a large number of programs are running on the computer system it is advisable to lock the system rather shutting it down. Shutting down will close all the running programs. Whereas locking the computer system will only lock the screen the programs will continue to run in the background. For locking down you system, you can sue the following shortcut key. Press Windows key + L, for locking your system. After pressing the keys, a lock screen will appear. You can use passwords to protect the locked screen from outside users. Moreover, you can choose a set of pictures that may run while your screen is locked. There are many other option that you can take up to personalize you lock screen.

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