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using windows g

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-17

Windows 10 is a great Windows for the gamers. The windows 7 used DirectX 11 for running games efficiently. Now, in Windows 10 the system requires DirectX 12. It is the upgrade version of DirectX 11 and has many advantages over its prior version. DirectX 12 has a direct impact on the graphics, videos and sounds of your games. In contrast to DirectX 11 the directX12 uses a lot less power and is very convenient for the Windows 10 users, especially gamers. Windows 10 using DirectX 12 boots much faster than Windows 7. Windows 10 handles windowed gaming much efficiently than windows 7. Another, great advantage of playing games on Windows is that you can stream Xbox One games on your PC. And you will be able to monitor your games live. Gaming experience is much greater in Windows 10 as compared to Windows 7. While running a game, you can also take snapshots of the game that you are playing. Moreover, you can also make a video of your game while playing it. This option is tremendous for the gamers because they can record the games, they are playing. To activate this option during the game, you can use the shortcut keys that are very easy to use. By pressing Windows key + G while playing the game, you will be able to capture the images or record a video of the current game. When you press the keys, a game bar will appear at the bottom. Using this game bar you can take snapshots of the game. Pressing the red dotted key on the game bar, the video recording will start. The game bar is very helpful for the gamers.

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