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using windows ctrl d

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-11

Virtual desktops are a great feature of Windows 10. In Windows 10 the uses can now access more than one desktops in a single time. The virtual desktops allows the users to perform different tasks at a single time. There are many advantages of using the virtual desktops. These provide more space on the primary desktop to group the items you want. With the help of the virtual desktops you can switch between different tabs and screens easily. The organization of data becomes easy. You can also personalize the desktops according to your ease and requirement. The task that are mostly used can be grouped at one place in one desktop and the tasks not often used can be clustered in another desktop. For switching between desktops rapidly people often prefer using the keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts not only provide an easy way to switch between desktops. But also increase the efficiency of the system. Using the shortcut key can decrease the use of mouse extensively. For cycling promptly between different desktops press Windows key + Ctrl key + D. By pressing the following keys a screen will pop up, with different small screens showing the programs running. Pressing the keys will switch you to the other desktop. If you want to view the desktops separately press windows + tab key. Smaller screens of the virtual desktops and opened programs will appear on the screen.

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