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using windows 1 2 3

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-15

The taskbar in windows is a quick launch bar for the programs. The default taskbar is situated at the bottom in Windows 10. It starts from the left from the start menu button. It has quick launch bar, taskbar keys and at the right most side has a notification area. The start menu button is used to open the start menu for accessing different options for the ease of users. In Windows 10, the preface of the start menu is same as that of Windows 7. It can be personalized according to the need and requirement of the user. The taskbar keys that are pinned below are used for quickly launching the apps and programs. The notification area notifies about the battery, internet connection, volume level and other important tasks. In Windows 10, many new shortcut keys have been introduced. These shortcut keys have made the work easier for the users who like to multitask. For users who have to multitask and have to work on different programs at one time may use the taskbar shortcut for easiness. • To open programs promptly pinned in the taskbar press Windows key + [1] [2] [3]… depending upon the number, the program is opened. • For example, if windows explorer is at first place, press windows key + 1, the windows explorer will open up. •Similarly, if MS word is at second place, press Windows key + 2, M word will launch. • The programs can be opened according to the order of their arrangement in the taskbar.

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