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using ctrl s for cortana web search

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-14

Cortana is a virtual assistant that is introduced in Windows 10. Like “Siri” in IOs and “Google Speech” in android phones. Cortana is introduced in the Windows phones. There are many advantages of using Cortana and it has excelled Siri and Google Speech. Cortana up to date Speech software. It protects the system against malicious attacks and viruses. Moreover, it is a new generation design. Using social websites with the help of Cortana is easy and more efficient. Cortana lets us know when there is any notification on any of the Social media websites. Using it has become more convenient while searching on the internet. You just have to dictate Cortana what to search and the rest is up to Cortana. Using a Windows smartphone has greatly increased the use of Cortana. It can perform a number of task for the user. For example, it can open a specific file for the user. It can set alarms for the user. Users can set a time schedule on Cortana. The time schedule feature of Cortana is very helpful for the users. For activating the web search option of Cortana you can use the keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are very helpful in saving time and increasing the efficiency of the users. • By pressing Ctrl key + S, the web search option of Cortana will be activated. • A screen will appear at the lower left side of the screen. • From here you can dictate the stuff you want to search on the internet. • After dictation, Cortana will perform the search for you. • Thus, saving your precious time.

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