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using ctrl c for cortana speech

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-09

Using the keyboard shortcut makes your work easier. By learning how to use the shortcut keys will lessen the use of mouse. Using the keyboard shortcuts will increase your working efficiency. Users who prefer multitasking use the keyboard shortcuts extensively. In Windows 10, Cortana virtual assistant is introduced which is very helpful. Cortana recognizes the speech of the users and then acts accordingly. Simple dictation of task to Cortana will carry out the whole process. Using Cortana Virtual Assistant has helped many windows users. Cortana has many great features and its interaction with the user increases with time. For using Cortana, shortcut keys are also introduced in Windows 10. These shortcut increase the multitasking ability of the users. For activating the speech feature of Cortana follow the described steps: On the desktop press Ctrl + C. Pressing these keys will activate the speech feature of Cortana. After pressing the shortcut keys you can dictate the task to Cortana. Rest is up to the virtual assistant to carry out the process. The shortcut key can also be used even if some program is opened on the desktop. But while using MS word the same shortcut key is used for copying data. So be careful while using Ctrl + C. Make sure that you are on the main desktop when you are about to use Cortana for speech mode.

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