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uc browser

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-18

Reaching over 500 million users globally, the Uc Browser has quickly risen to the forefront of mobile browsers in many different regions. The uc browser for android has an overwhelming 300 million users alone. Using cloud acceleration and data compression technology, they are able to deliver web content faster than most others on the marketplace. Additionally this browser supports multi-file format downloading and easily adapts to different network environments. Launching their first Java Script only form of the browser in 2004, they now offer platforms for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and the original Java. In Mid 2013 they were able to introduce their own WebApp store to the marketplace. Add-ons are offered to enhance and personalize the users experience while browsing. Another unique thing that was introduced was their application bookmark platform allowing users easy access to their favorite content. The application bookmark platform also allows partner websites to put up QR codes for easy bookmarks and access. Being offered globally, the Uc Browser was one of the first WebApp centers available in China. A uc browser free download is available for everyone to try. With continuous updates to their data compression technology web content is delivered at the highest speeds. Aside from data compression, their cloud system always distributes data from the closet servers, resulting in a quicker and smoother loading experience. If you need to go back to something later a “view it later” option is available to view Video, images and even text offline. The Uc Browser also recognizes the importance of social media so sharing to Facebook and Twitter is also supported. Android remains the largest user base with three browsers available on Google Play including, UC Browser Mini for Android, UC Browser for android and UC Browser HD for android. Since 2010 two UC Browser options have been made available in IOS including UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad. This browser has grown to be a huge success, earning many awards and much recognition along the way. To better serve their entire global marketplace they introduced a “Going Glocal” campaign in 2012. They now offer many versions in multiple languages to many of the biggest countries around the world. The Uc Browser has quickly dominated the marketplace and has become the top mobile browsers in India and China. It is not limited to these areas though and the uc browser free download is available in almost every region and across almost every platform.

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