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types of fencing

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-18

Introduction Fencing basically provides your home a security along with beauty. The major purpose of introducing fencing was ensuring security but with the development in the field, now mostly people just use it for the beautification of their homes. They can be seen in the gardens and fields where they serve you as a guard, don’t let the animals enter the area and protect the gardens from being destroyed. The Portable Electric fence is also widely used in North America which they use in their farmhouse for the protection of their horses. But also you can frequently see them outside the homes. Now with improved features and designs not only provide security to your home but also make your home look unique and fabulous. Types of fencing: Fencing is now present in the markets with a big number of designs, colors, features and materials, which in conjunction with protection also adds aesthetic value to your home. Here I will include some of the types of fencing available nowadays: • Aluminum fencing • Wood fencing • Wrought iron fencing • Vinyl fencing • Chain link fencing • Electric fencing • Bamboo fencing • Farm fencing • Steel fencing Vinyl and wood fencing are easy to install but not much strong as steel, aluminum and wrought iron. Security is one of the basic needs of everyone and to fulfill the purpose more effectively and efficiently, different ideas are implemented on fencing. In North America, special training is provided to build cheap, effective and quality fencing by North American Family Campers Association. That’s why a wide variety of fencing can be seen outside the North American homes. Lumber fencing is more common in North America. Even they make their houses full out of lumber. Lumber fencing gives a natural look as well as it adds beauty to their homes.

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