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trafalgar square london england uk

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-26

Introduction A public area Trafalgar Square located in the heart of marvelous city London, most visited area of the city and tourist destination. Trafalgar Square designed by Sir Charles Barry is the identity of the nation and an open book of the nationís history, which reminds the glorious history of the nation. The area is named after Trafalgar war. Many events and celebrations are hosted by Trafalgar Square London which makes it an important site for the visitors. During VE day and Christmas Trafalgar Square London becomes the biggest attraction of the people. Comfortable hotels, restaurants, and all other sources of entertainment are available for the public and the outsiders in Trafalgar Square London. Attractions As Trafalgar Square is an open place and most of the enjoyable things are free, so it is not so that you need much money to visit the place. There are many historical buildings and statues around the place, these wonders attract the visitors. Pigeons gather in Trafalgar Square, but it is not considered a good practice to feed them. Nelsonís Column, bronze lions, charming fountains, the fourth Plinth, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and many other worth seeing places around the Trafalgar Square are present which captivate the visitors. Albannach is the best place for eating and drinking, here guests are served with tasty wines and food. Doon, sexiest late-night bar serves the guest with food and tasty wines in a romantic atmosphere, one of the best places where one can spend time with the loved ones. Trafalgar Square also offers a wide range of shopping centers for the visitors, Adam Street, Charing Cross Underground Shopping arcade, Denmark Street, Portsmouth Street, St. Martinís Place are the best shopping sites. Trafalgar Square is the place that offers all the facilities that visitors expect.

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