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top uk islamic finance companies for banking mortgage loans investing

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-04

The United Kingdom is becoming a hub to Islamic investments and banking. There are numerous banks and financial service providers in UK, which are strictly Sharia’ah compliant and following Islamic investment procedures. 1.Islamic Bank of Britain Pioneers of Shari’ah Compliant banking since 2004, IBB has grown to be the first fully operational bank on Islamic lines. They have services including Current Accounts Management, Saving Options, Investment Opportunities as per the Shari’ah and law. They serve approximately 50,000 customers and businesses across UK. 2.Qatar Islamic Bank With a vision to be a leading Islamic Financing Institution in UK, QIB is serving towards Sharia compliant investment and funding in Asset Management, Real Estate, Treasury and Trade Finance. With an expansion and growth in business, they are proving their mark as a true Islamic banking and investment centre for the Muslim community in Europe and UK particularly. 3.EIIB (European Islamic Investment Bank) The first independent Shari’ah complaint Islamic Investment centre in UK regulated by Financial Services Authority, EIIB is serving in the core areas of Islamic Treasury and Capital Markets, Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking, Advisory and Corporate Finance and Asset Management since March 2006. Their main aim is to become a leading investment bank in the Islamic financial sector, and to fill the gap between the Islamic and conventional financial markets. 4.Saudi American Bank (UK) Ltd (SAMBA) Samba UK is determined to provide its financial services across The United Kingdom in areas including Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Wealth Management, Trade Financing and Treasury. Their core motive is to serve the Muslim community for their banking and financial needs and act as a bridge between the Muslim investors and community. 5.Riyad Bank Riyad Bank since 1984 is working in UK and proving services including Working Capital Financing, Medium-term Loans / Bi-lateral Facilities, Syndicated Loans, Project Financing in the Kingdom, Real Estate Financing, Risk Participation in Trade Finance third-party transactions on the Islamic lines of Riba-free and Sharia’ah compliance.

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