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top skin remedies for dry winter weather

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-24

Our skin is the most sensitive sense organ and needs care as per the changes in the outer environment and the most in winters. Here are some of the easy to do remedies for healthy skin even in dry weather Moisturization” is the golden formula Dry, cracked, flaky and dull skin is what everyone struggles around with in winters. Moisturising the skin according to the skin type with thick lotions and cosmetics based on petroleum jelly is the golden formula to drive away those patchy cracks. Health from within is the secret Apart from the external care of the skin, taking appropriate diet that automatically repairs the cells from within and makes them competent to face harsh conditions is the key. Adding fruits, juices and Vit A and Vit. E rich sources to your diet will be helpful. “Beat the cause” Cover up your body The science behind the skin dryness related problems in winters is the direct contact of the outermost layer of the skin with the external cold. Avoiding or minimizing the exposure of the skin to cold air will reduce the probability of skin getting cracked, dull and flaky automatically. A small compromise and sacrifice can also work In winters, when temperature drops down the only soothing agents for the body is the contact with warm or hot environment. This includes taking hot water shower and hot drinks. But unfortunately, science doesn’t go hand in hand with comfort. Hot shower and hot drinks dries the skin from outside as well as inside and makes it flaky and itchy. Little compromise with these practices can help. Grandma’s magic The unbeatable home remedies are the ultimate sustainable solutions. Moving to the traditional home remedies is the wise choice. Application of milk for exfoliating dry and dead surface, honey and olive oil for slowing down and avoiding cell damage with its antioxidant composition, castor oil for reducing stretch marks, acne and dry skin and yoghurt for providing nutrition for healthy skin are the complete weapons o fight winters.

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