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top shopping websites

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-30

The word website is not a new name to most house hold anymore. What is a shopping site? A shopping site is market places were goods and services are exchange for money. The difference between a shopping site and the regular market one goes to is that you get to buy items from the comfort of your home. History has it that the first online shopping began pizza back in 1994 and this led the way in online shopping. Here are some Top shopping websites below. 1. Amazon In 1995 Amazon.com was lunched. Amazon is a market places were you can find almost anything you want and have it delivered to you at comfort of you home. They have a track record of 17 years. Till date it still remains one of the best top online shopping site. They offer various products starting from physical and digital product. In the recent development, Amazon.com ships their product across countries including Africa. 2. Ebay Ebay also lunched in 1995, it is one of the top online shopping stir. It is cost effective and you can easily set up your online store on eBay. 3. Asos Asos is the largest online website based in UK. It has almost 50,000 branded products like menswear, women's wear and other accessories. 4. Nastygal Nastygal founded in 2006 and now it is a popular online website. You can find your favorite accessories here in affordable price. 5. Mrporter Founded in 2011 and now it is thebiggest online shop for men. They provide all men’s product whatever they want. 6. Zappos Zapoos provides stylish, designing and amazing footwear’s. They promised not only the best price but also the best service. You can also find Singer22, Otteny, ModCloth and many more as a online shopping website.

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