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top online universities in usa

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-13

Online education has brought revolution to the education medium. It has brought the light of knowledge closer to so many people who were or who are not able to attend college or any sort of education. The best part of online education is reputed and most prestigious universities around the world are now offering all of their regular certification courses online including bachelor and masterís degree courses. Now any people even from the remote part of the world can get admitted universities like Harvard or MIT which would have been a dream of their life. Among all countries USA tops the list in terms of colleges offering online education and also the amount of people that are joining in this education system. Letís have a look at the top universities who are providing pre-eminent services in terms of online education in USA. Northern Arizona University: Northern Arizona University offers all possible courses that are offered in real world. Whether it is Computer science or liberal arts or even Hotel management you can find them all. They offer total 45 bachelor degrees at an affordable cost. They are one of the most cost effective online universities available. There are no individual course fee but a fixed semester fee and all contents and materials needed for courses are available online. Arizona State University: Arizona State University offers an impressive number of bachelor degree programs online. If all other non-bachelor courses are counted their total of offered courses crosses 80. They offer courses from all regular bachelor degree fields like arts, engineering, health, business, communication, language etc. University of Central Florida: Being a national research university this reputed institution offers 20 bachelor degree programs online. You can take social science as a major which is not fully available in other online universities. Their programs costs $3,270 per semester.

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