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top new features of windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-10-27

After a long wait, finally itís a relief that Microsoft has introduced Windows 10. As a great number of windows users were not that satisfied with Windows 8. Windows 10 is user friendly and more familiar to the pre-8 version users. The most amazing part is that itís totally free for the users of Windows 7 and 8. Start Menu Developers and designers at Microsoft made a much controversial move by excluding the most loved feature; ĎThe start menuí. The users were much irritated by this particular removal. In Windows 10, in any case, the Start Menu is back. Presently, Live Tiles are here simply like general application symbols, in best co-ordination. You can begin writing when you open the Start menu to discover an application and start it by name. In the event that you'd rather not sort the name of an application, you can stick it to the Start Menu where it will live close by your different tiles. Cortana The new feature introduced is Cortana. However, Cortana's more than simply voice orders. On the off chance that you sign in with your Microsoft account, you can utilize Cortana to set updates, include schedule occasions, and it can even give you relevant data like news stories or stock quotes. Microsoft Edge Presently, with Windows 10, Microsoft is dumping the old program for Microsoft Edge. People have looked into the program and, while it's still really easy, it has an interesting feature that includes a reader mode, and an explanation tool. Extensions are still not introduced, yet they ought to be preceding long, so Edge may be worth experimenting with. Multiple Desktops Having the capacity to run a couple of applications at once is the best advantage of a working OS like Windows. Presently, Microsoft is at long last adding the capacity to make and deal with various desktops. You can include new desktops, rapidly move windows in the middle of them, and bounce between desktops by tapping Win-Tab.

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