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top itunes games for kids

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-23

In our current time it would be wrong to say world is getting digitalized in fact it now should be said that it has gotten digitalized. From our birth to death things we use, from our grocery to office equipments even our passports and our money have gotten digital. Electronic medium have captured every part of our day to day life. Even babies are affectionate to electronic toys and things. Don’t have time to spend whole day feeding the baby, having the same old problem baby doesn’t swallow? Well try playing a musical rhyme in your Ipad, then you will see the result yourself. Same goes with kids, they are getting more attracted to playing games in apple devices and luckily iTunes marketplace has plenty of games for kids which are fun and at the same time and most importantly educational. Let us look at some top iTune games for kids. Sort And Stack Toys 3D : This is nice little 3d games for kids aging 2-7 years. This is puzzle game where you will find 13 shapes which your kids need to place in the box. This is same as the jigsaw puzzle games found in preschools. Rush Hour : Rush Hour is game for kids over 6 years. This is brilliant game where your kid will have to take out a car (Red colored) to exit point by rearranging all other cars from a crowded car parking area. Your kids will grow problem solving skills from this strategic game.

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