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Top Freelancing Websites For NewComers

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2017-02-10

Freelancing is getting more and more popular day by day as it gives you salvation from your day to day boring stressful jobs and gives you ample time to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. Moreover, a freelancer is his / her own boss, doesnít need to abide by rules. Being able to earn from home without any stress is a dream come true and simply Awesome! to anyone. If you have a set of skills or specialized on almost anything, you can work online whether providing direct virtual service or by consultation. †Below we have listed legit freelancing websites through which you can get real buyer/clients from online and earn money safely. We have listed websites from where any newcomers can apply for jobs choosing from a vast amount of categories.
  1. Freelancer.com
We have rated freelancer.com as number one for amateurs and newcomers for several reasons. With over 20 million registrars, Freelancer.com lets the client's open projects for free and anyone can join and place their bid on any project whichever they like. The number one advantage of this site is it allows clients to open contests where anyone can submit their work for the clients to review and that gives the newcomers the chance to show their skill and get rated. They are cheaper in terms of project fee and in membership plans. The higher you rate in freelancer.com the more chance you have of getting a job. Freelancer.com also has the most number of categories offering clients and freelancers to choose from to find the perfect match. In freelancer.com both clients and freelancers can give rating and feedback after completing the project. That way, both the clients and freelancers can get an idea about them by checking their previous history and rating.
  1. Upwork
Former oDesk and Elance joined together to build freelancing website Upwork and beat the competitors by a large margin. And it is doing as expected. Upwork is known for high paid and real clients from all over the world and a more trusted medium for the freelancers. Though a big drawback for new comers in Upwork is that, they wonít let you apply blindly. You must be hired by clients after applying on a few jobs. If in case you donít get hired by any clients, Upwork will suspend your account saying you do not have the skills for the jobs you applied. According to Upwork, They do this to keep only skilled people on their site even though it sounds a bit unfair to the newcomers as they donít get enough chance to compete or show their skills.
  1. Guru.com
Guru is another platform where any newcomer can try out his luck online. As like the above two, Guru offers a number of categories for both the clients and freelancers to work on. †Guru is a secure website for both clients and freelancers to do their deal. As Guru means expert, freelancers offering their services on this website are called Guru. Freelancers can check any projects viability by checking how much the client has spent.   Another two mentionable websites are fiverr†and Peopleperhour.†fiverr offers a completely different approach in terms of hiring a freelancer. Here freelancers create gig according to their skills and clients can buy them at the starting price of $5. Peopleperhour is basically a UK based company and you should expect clients generally from Uk but anyone can look for hiring people as well as any freelancers are welcome to apply for freelancing jobs here.

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