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Top baby products 2016

Posted: 2016-06-16

Mothers are always conscious about their lovely babies. They always want the best things for their loving baby. Here are some top products for your dearest babies.

Baby bath
Moms are always worried about baby bath when they are on travel. It�s not always possible to carry the bath tub when you are planning for long journey but you are still thinking to bath your baby. Now forget about the tub - Puj Flyte can help you to bath your baby in any sink. It can easily fit at any sink and you can carry this wherever you want because of its lightweight. It will cost you only $35.

Breast Pump
It�s not always possible to feed your baby when you are traveling or in a party or at outdoors. Breast pump product can help you out from this issue. You can efficiently express breast milk right into your baby�s bottle. Lansinoh Affinity is a double electric breast pump product and it has soft breast flanges. It will cost you only $123 where the other double electric will cost you more.

Incognito nursing cover
A mom who doesn�t want to feed her baby with bottle but also worried how to feed in public place, they can use nursing cover. Now moms can easily feed their baby in public by wearing Pirose Motherhood, it�s actually a nursing cover which lets you feed your baby in any public place and after that you can also use this as a shawl or scarf. It will cost you only $40.

Handy breast milk warmer
Handy breast milk warmer warms and thaws breast milk without breaking down its nutrients. This amazing product was designed by a dad and it will cost you only $70.

You can also check more amazing baby products like Bottle for breastfeeding mamas, souped-up baby-food maker, bibs, paci protector, versatile high chair and many more.

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