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top 9 seo tricks which works for 2016 by seo company in noida

ashwani fotedar
Posted: 2015-11-27

SEO has a lot to keep your brand stand ahead from the competition even for the year 2016. It is in 2015 itself, there is a lot of traffic which came to many websites because of the mobile search, and now this is going to enhance further in the coming year. Google is going to lay more emphasis on this aspect. In this instance one must think of the fact that google is using almost 200 factors to rank their websites and webpages. Here are some factors which are important as per the SEO experts. Just try to implement them and your website will have a better ranking. The following are the tricks which the SEO Company in Noida are using. Best Tricks As per the SEO Company in Noida: The association with SEO and title is still the same. However make sure that you are using the primary keyword properly and not just stuff in the title. It is proved many times that domain name must have a keyword to get better search engine results. All this happens as the search engine crawlers will be finding such websites as relevant. If you are having an old domain then you are extremely on the safe side. Because all the SEO tricks which you implement are going to result better when you have the old domain name of almost an year. Do you remember the H1 and H2 tags, it is always important to include the keywords even in these tags other than just using them in the title. It is along with making use of proper keywords, make sure that the content length is more than 1000 words. Because the keywords which are used in the content of length 2000 words will have better page results, than the same keywords which are stuffed in the 500 word article. Your listing can be in the search engine result page, if you use the keyword density to only 1 or 2%. Making use of 3% is also fine but optimal results are obtained when you use them for 1 or 2% efficiently. Use all your SEO tricks with the content. Try to provide latest information to your audience. Also make a habit to update your content regularly. Here when you do this, there will be beneficial results even after using the same SEO tricks. It is when you add the images and videos to the content, ensure that the name of the image and tags are again named with the keywords. All this will give an extra advantage in listing your webpage in the SERP(Search engine results page). There are lot of people who are getting connected and engaged to the images and videos rather than the content. All the search engines loves if your webpage loads immediately. So ensure that this is happening all the while. All these are just a simple things which the SEO company in Noida are implementing. It is based on the client and their webpage, they have a lot of plans which they frame up based on the specifications of their services and as per their audience.

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