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top 5 anti spyware programs

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-21

We often confuse anti-spyware with anti-virus software’s but in reality they are not the same. Viruses and spyware are two different threats for computers and needs different protections for them. Through spyware, hackers can collect all your vital information’s like your identity, credit card number and whatever is important to you. Existance of spyware in your computer is a great security risk and should be taken seriously. The most likely symptoms of getting spyware affected is slow computer or strange errors occurs. If your anti-virus software doesn’t provide protection or security for spyware then you will have to install anti-spyware software to block, remove and protect spywares. Most of the renowned antivirus software’s offers anti-spyware facilities within their antivirus packages. When buying anti-spyware products you should focus on those software’s which offers Internet security. To protect your computer from this unwanted problem you can install any of the following top anti-spyware programs. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus : Bitdefender Antivirus works silently in background and protects your computer from all sorts of malwares including spywares. It makes sure no one or no software can access your files without your permission. Kaspersky Anti-Virus : Kaspersky Anti-Virus arguably the most popular and most personally used antivirus. It has a spectacular user interface which helps you to modify your protecting options and can protect from all the latest virus and spywares. Norton AntiVirus: Norton has been serving to protect computers from security threats for a long time. Though preferable for corporate use it can also provide high end protection for personal computers. This antivirus needs some modification to be done to use it effectively which is a drawback for ordinary users but overall protection is splendid. F-Secure Anti-Virus: F-Secure does an excellent job protecting your computers securing your system from all type malwares including spywares. Though it lacks on antiphishing protection but does a good job protecting from spywares. AVG AntiVirus : Free version of the AVG antivirus is by far the most popular antivirus used by personal users. The best option of AVG is it lets you download and offline update this software. Paid version also does a decent job protecting and removing spywares.

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