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top 10 windows 10 commands

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-11-02

Top 10 windows 10 commands are listed below Quickly finding out your IP Address In windows 10 you can easily find out your IP address with great ease. The command ipconfig will help you to promptly locate the IP address. Trouble Shoot Network Connections Connecting to network, when you face a trouble shoot, has been made easier in Windows 10. By typing ping, tracert in the command prompt you can easily connect to the network. Shutdown Commands Shutdown commands make it really easy for the user to use different types of shutdown options. By typing /s/t 0 you can shut down the system or by typing /r/t 0 you may restart. System file Cleaning Windows scanning system allows you to check your internal system for any problems. This tool helps to fix nay problems and errors. For scanning you can use the command sfc/scannow. Connection to Telnet Servers Connecting to telnet servers is very important. This feature is not installed by default. Without installing any third party services, you can avail access to telnet servers. Type telnet to install it from the control panel. Permanently Deletion and Overwriting of Directory Windows 10 has introduced the command for wiping out free space from any of your drives. Cipher command will allow you to get rid of the deleted files. File compare Comparing two files has been made a lot easier in Windows 10. The users mostly writers and the programmers feel it very convenient to compare files using the command prompt. Netstat Net stat is a useful command for the users. It helps in providing the list of IP addresses and open ports. This is helpful in safeguarding from any malicious connections. Powercfg To get an overview of the computerís use, you can use the powercfg command. It is also helpful in hibernating your system. Task list Any tasks that are running on your computer can easily be listed in one place. The task manager is unable to show some running tasks of the computer.

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