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top 10 us real estate portals

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-27

The main 10 web sites caught 42 percent of aggregate visits in the space amid January, with Zillow (9.17 percent piece of the pie), Trulia (7 percent) and Realtor.com (6.09 percent) standing out. 1. Zillow Zillow solely controls a lot of user and it on its own attracts more than 1.5 million users on its portal every day. It by any all means is the most preferred choice by the customers. 2. Trulia Trulia is the second most preferred web sit in the American market where it enjoys s share of over 23 million monthly enquiries. 3. Homesyahoo Yahoo home comes next in line and has market share of over 20 million users per month. The interface of the webpage is very interesting and user friendly. 4. Realtor Even the rare rest of the places can easily e located on this portal and it gets over 18 million user click every month because of its extruding connectivity. 5. Redfin RedFin is the sixth in line with over 6 million users choosing to search for the real estate over this website. 6. Homes Homes is another most popular real estate website that is available in the market it enjoys a share of more than 5 million users every month. 7. Apartmentguide Apartment Guide is another web portal that is gaining a lot of popularity in current market. It is very new still it gets more that 2.5 million users to search for their dream home on this portal. 8. Curbed Curbed is the next in the line of online web portals it is very unique as far as its user interface goes and offers a completely different experience for the user. It gets more than 2 million clicks every month. 9. Remax ReMax is another web portal that is very popular and gets more than 1.8 million customers to visit this portal. 10. Hotpads HotPads make the list at number 10; it is very popular and enjoys more that 1.75 million customers to visit it every month.

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