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top 10 tourism destination world wide

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-21

With all its immeasurable mystery and immense diversity, the planet we live in which is known as world or earth is full of astounding elegance. Nature has bestowed its immense grandeur in this world. There are so many colors, so many races, so many diversities, so wonderful metamorphosis makes this world a felicitous place for all living creatures. One can spend his or her whole life to perceive the world’s beauty but won’t be able to comprehend even half of it. People have profound affection for this world and that drives them to roam around the surface of this wonderful planet. Every year billions of people travel around the world and tourism has been a booming part of economy for countries. Among all the places there are places which overtakes other destinations by the unforgettable sights they has to offer to the tourists. Following are the current top ten tourism destinations in the world: 1. MARRAKECH, MOROCCO : Marrakech understandably takes the first spot because this remarkable historical place has so many things and sights to offer for the tourists that it just can not be roamed within one visit. The world heritage site, the splendid Medina is worth visiting many times. With striking palaces, Mosques, gardens this magical city attracts tourists the most. 2. SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA : Siem Reap is a fantastic city in Cambodia which hosts the most ancient temples in the world. The sight takes you back to 12th century to the royal city of Angkor Thom. Besides these you can enjoy shopping, food and bars at night. 3. ISTANBUL, TURKEY : The city which witnessed the last Khalifa of Islam and holds enormous Islamic history within, Istanbul is the place that combines Asia and Europe. You can experience aristocratic places like glorious Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) and ofcourse Hammams (Turkish bath). 4. HANOI, VIETNAM : Surrounded with entrancing lakes, boulevards and ancient temple’s this colonial city has everything stored to attract visitors. 5. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC : There are thousands things to do and visit in this magical fairy tale city. Whatever is your reason to travel whether its shopping or relaxing in sunny beach or undergo history Prague can never disappoint a tourist. 6. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM : Art, Fashion, Food, thousand of year’s proud history to modern epoch, London comprises with every sort. No matter what you love you will find the best slice of it in London. 7. ROME, ITALY: The pre-eminent place of history, the birthplace of Pizza, the place where the Colosseum stands, Rome can not be explained in words. You just have to visit this magnificent place to experience its glory. 8. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires is a spectacular place for tourists to visit. You can have a taste of Latin America along with its architecture, boulevards and enlightened charming night life. 9. PARIS, FRANCE : The city of love, Paris doesn’t need any introduction. It has been hunting visitors around the world for ages. Visiting the Eiffel tower, experiencing dainty delicious cuisines and roaming various spectacular places like Notre Dame makes it dream destination for tourists. 10. CAPE TOWN CENTRAL, SOUTH AFRICA: You can experience wildlife, captivating lakes or relaxing beaches in Cape Town. This place also packs adventures like hiking, surfing, and scuba diving for Backpackers.

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