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top 10 social networking sites

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-07

Social networking has highly grown from the past days and is now a most common way of getting in touch with anyone and sharing the latest update. Though the trend may have changed over the years, but there is a definite trend that rises with the advent of time. Before these sites became popular, there were many sites which were earlier more popular. However, here we will talk about the latest popular ones. Here is the list; Facebook: the most popular and amongst the topmost social networking sites, where greatest number of the folks spend their time. Launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it allows you to share pictures, videos, messages and even chats. Google+: the fastest emergent network, Google Plus was launched in 2011 and allows the sharing of photos, exchange video and text chats under “Hangouts”, creates different groups known as Circles, under various relations and even allows you to update your status. LinkedIn: LinkedIn forms a base for the professional connections wherein you can promote yourself or your business to the other professionals, apply for jobs or post the jobs even. YouTube: the most popular place to watch videos is YouTube. It allows movie-making, uploading videos, music sharing and blogging. Instagram: a buzz word for sharing photos, Instagram, includes sharing short videos and real-time photo sharing. Though started as a platform entirely for iOS, it has been extended to Windows Phone, Android and to the web, as well. Pinterest: it shows the power of visual content and is the most implausible resource for catching the best images and having them on your own board in a pinboard style. Currently it is a platform with the highest number of monthly visits reaching almost a count of 10 million in a month. Twitter: a strong medium of updating and sharing the latest news, Twitter has changed a lot over years. Though, it doesn’t allow many text characters to be posted, it definitely has made a mark in the world of social networking through its tweets. Tumblr: also known for sharing visual content, Tumblr is a blogging platform heavily used by younger users. It offers various themes and formats for you to customize your blogs and post here. You can also follow other posts or like it as a way of interaction over the platform. Vine: owned by Twitter, Vine offers a most convenient feature of embedding a video inline directly in your tweets. Snapchat: a completely mobile-based app, Snapchat allows instant messaging and is amongst the fastest growing apps.

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