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Top 10 Islamic clothing online stores

Posted: 2016-07-10

Muslims are given specific set of rules for wearing clothes. In the holy book The Quran and in Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), dress code for Muslims has been clearly described in details. Both Muslim women and men are ordered to wear dresses that cover their sexual parts. Due to these commandments, design and production of clothes for Muslims needs special attention and dresses should be made maintaining all the Islamic standards. Though different Muslim countries have separate dress styles but a minimum standard like for Hijab, Niqab and Burka are maintained. As of the modern trade of online shopping, there are also individual Islamic clothing stores available online. Let's have a look at the top ten Islamic clothing stores online:

SHUKR International Islamic clothing : SHUKR International Islamic clothing is prominent website that offers stylish modern yet Islamic standard clothes to international customers. It has different line of products for International and specific set of products for USA, Turkey, UK and Canada.

Al-Hannah Islamic Clothing : Al-Hannah Islamic Clothing is a Middle-East based website. This website offers traditional Islamic clothing's for both Men and Women. Besides clothes Al-Hannah also offers other Islamic products like Niqab/Burqa/Khimar, Shoes, Hijab Pins, Underscarves & Hairbands, Sleeve Extensions, Stockings, & Gloves Prayer Outfits etc.

Artizara : Artizara is a fantastic Islamic clothing website that offers a wide variety of products besides clothes. They have a rich clothing product line for Men, Women and children offering modern, stylish latest trend products along with traditional Islamic dresses.

Jelbab : Jelbab gives the traditional Islamic dresses a modern touch. They only focus on Islamic dresses for Women and they do a decent job maintaining their attractive product line.

Al-Hijaab : Al-Hijaab gives your well known traditional dresses a different stylish look which makes them fashionable and elegant.

ModestClothes : This is directory which takes you to different links where you can surf vast collection of Islamic clothes online for Men, Women and children, in a word for everyone.

Islamic Design House: This site proves how spectacularly Islamic dresses can be modified and designed. They have very a collection of very stylish and unique product line for women.

Eastessence : Dresses of this brand are modish and nifty. They have various stylish line of products that are fashionable and comfortable and of course Islamic.

Desertstore: Desertstore offers exclusively designed Islamic dresses that are suitable for any country and they are very fashionable.

Imaancollections : The collection of Imaancollections makes you glamorous. They have a various set of products which gives women the scope of fashion within Islamic Standard.

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