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top 10 innovations of 2015

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-30

The globally open world we live in advances fast in technical development. Itís hard to keep our hands of smart innovations that can improve our lives in ways we didnít think was possible until someone opened our eyes for it. If you feel that you can associate with this you have enough reasons to remember these enlightening innovations of 2015. 1. Prnewswire As a top awarded winner of UN Environment Programme this year, this bulb produces the same light as a traditional 75W bulb and uses only 87 % of the energy. In addition to that, you can dim the light without having a dimmer in your lamp! 2. Androidcentral These 4,7 mm thin TV:s with 4K resolution makes your living room very lively. 3. Cacm A system that provides safety assistance to drivers by communicating with surrounding cars on the road 4. Pcadvisor The future is coming back again Ė Google doesnít let us know what the glasses will do for us, but the question we should ask ourselves is if we are going to need glasses even if our vision is flawless. 5. Arstechnica If we are bored with our everyday life we can use this gadget to experience something different. Even though Samsung are mysterious about this sought after gadget it is still something to be excited for. 6. Wired Do you lack the famous green fingers? No problem. This invention will help your plants stay alive and make your gardening more efficient. 7. Popsci Do you want to impress your friends at your next party? Then you should take a look at these magical speakers that floats in the air! 8. Ibtimes We love the gadgets because it makes our lives easier. Parenthood can make you avoid doing things in consideration for your baby. But with this monitor you can socialize and be a responsible parent at the same time. 9. Wired Say good bye to the expensive bulbs for projectors and welcome an incredible innovation that turns your living room in to a cinema. 10. Netatmo Netatmo created in 2011. It is a dynamic and innovation company and they provide smart electronics.

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