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top 10 health claims to watch out for on food labels

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-25

In order to build a customer- trust you have to make your product unique and delicious. But many companies are selling their products through wrong advertisements and labels. Organic It is not a trick companyís play who sells their product to customers by saying it is Non GMO. GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. These organisms happen to be carcinogenic (cancer causing) to humans and rats. According to FDA regulations Non GMO products contains 9% and less GMO which they have record how it gets in there. Actually it is because the oil they are using is made from genetically modified canola oil or soybean oil. So no matter what the label say its organic or natural than nature itself, just donít bug the wrong advertisement and product. All over the world people are becoming aware of GMO Attack on public by atone companies. Made From Real Fruits Do you know there are no regulations by any government that, how much fruit should be added in a product to label it 'made from real fruits'. It is not possible to identify is there really a fruit inside this package or not. Usually companies that produce food products for kidsí donít add fruit at all. If they add fruit they will add just few chunks and rest is chemicals and sugar and artificial flavors. So next time you are in a super market and you see a product that says itís made from real fruit that do look behind the package and try to read ingredients. So why get deceived and eat artificial sugar instead of real fruit. All Natural According to FDA it is against the right of speech to prohibit companies to write that on their label. So now almost every food product you see say itís natural. Well thatís why this is happening. Look for ingredients on back of it. Always make sure you are buying the right thing. Genetically Modified organisms grow on trees too and you call them natural but that natural also contains some natural diseases. Even the rats of GMO Corn field got cancer and irregular deformations. So whatever the product say about its being natural, donít trust too early. Sugar Free Every fruit has sugar in it and when you go in market and ask for a fruit juice it will taste sweet because it has sugar in it. If you know sugar is very harmful for your body and how it blocks blood vessels and cause heart disease and diabetes then you will prefer a sugar free juice rather the normal one. We are not talking about real home-made fruit juice; the sugar inside real fruit is natural and no harmful like added sugar in company products. Sugar free products are all fake in general, all they do is instead of adding table sugar they add fructose. This is still the same like sugar. Without sugar all company product will fail because thing doesnít taste like it should be without sugar.

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