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top 10 canadian real estate websites

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-15

Today our journey begins in exploring the booming world of real estate in Canada. Canada is known for its grandeur and vast, very vast lands. The issue on the other horizon is the inhabitable nature of majority of these vast lands making most of the civilization focus on certain cities. Just absorb that 30% of Canada’s population lives in its three main cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. With the focus on these high potential real estate markets has seen a surge in the websites offering housing and other real estate solutions for its customers and here are the sites which Canadians go to when they start looking for their dream properties – Realtor.ca :– This is what we call an elephant in a big jungle. Realtor.ca has more than quarter of the visits on its site alone as to the total number of Canadians logging into their computers for real estate queries/buys. The key differentiator for Realtor.ca is that it has listings which are registered with licensed real estate agents and brokers. Remax.ca :– Number 2 on our list is Remax.ca with market share of 7.1% as per the 2011 hitwise.com numbers. Apart from all the standard features which most of the real estate websites have, Remax.ca also has a separate link for luxury properties. Comfree.com :– Next in line with near to 7% market share in terms of popularity is Comfree.com. The main attraction to Comfree.com is that it is easy to visualize and offers free In-home consultation. Royallepage.ca :– With about 3% of market share Royallepage.ca makes to number 4 on our list. When you get into website, just for a second you think, Am I on google! Century21.ca :– Century21.ca has 2.1% market share and its black and yellow taxi based theme makes the customers to believe they are searching for their properties on road. Point2homes.com :– This is a good website with decent look and feel about it. With market share of about 2.1% it stands 6th on our list. Viewit.ca :– With market share of 1.9% Viewit.ca stands 7th in our list. Realtylink.org :– 9th on our list is Realtylink.org and has an impressive market share. Propertyguys.com :– 1.7% market share takes Propertyguys.com to our final slot. comfree.com :– Additionally, Comfree is another real estate listing where home owners can sell their without real estate agent.

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