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tomatillo tomatos beautiful cousin

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-20

Many people think that the green salsa of Mexican cuisine is tomato but they are wrong to think of that. It is a fruit with a citrusy flavour and called tomatillo. Its history goes back to the Aztecs, making it one of the oldest plants. To grow tomatillo, you need a sunny site with well-drained and moderately rich soil. Please be sure that, your spot is not a soggy and poorly drained soil. If your spot is ready, start to work a couple of inches of compost into the soil and fork to increase drainage. In gardens consisting heavy clay soil, there should be raised beds which work wonderfully for tomatillos. The timing for growing tomatillos is when the soil is completely warm. Moreover, if you plant deeply, your reward will be much higher. Sprawling plants need a wide area of 3-4 feet, so do tomatillos. Therefore, you need to plant them in rows with 3 feet width. The number of your tomatillo plants should be at least 3, as the output for your delicious salads should be sufficient. Tomatillos are prolific and fruit nonstop until the winter comes. To protect, you can take them in indoors. The crops can last for up to 3 months. You can water them around an inch per week. If the space is small, then pinch off to control spread. After around 80 days, you can eat your salsa. If they fill out their husks, husks will start splitting. Then, you can harvest them. If the fruits feel like mini marbles inside loose husks, wait for a longer time. You can keep your tomatillos in refrigerator for up to three or four weeks. Some other tips for you: Do not leave any tomatillos on the plants, meaning that you need to harvest them all because you may face some seedlings. You can prepare salsa, guacamole light, crisp fried tomatillos and green rice.

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